A lot of thought has gone into every single aspect of Bartigan & Stark Klei (clay) pomade to bring you a truly significant product. Here’s what you need to know…

• natural, water-based product
• light-to-medium hold, no-shine
• an incredibly smooth and creamy texture
• super easy to apply to wet or dry hair
• packed with nutritious ingredients such as jojoba, aloe, vitamin B5, glycerin and shea butter
• has kaolin clay, which adds texture to hair for a thicker appearance
• lasts all day, even with physical activity
• easy to wash out
• an awesome citrusy scent reminiscent of Mountain Dew, and derived from natural ingredients, not synthetic fragrances

We feel it’s an outstanding product, packed with a mountain of merits. But it gets even better…

The label is an amazing work of art! We collaborated with Calgary artist, Jennifer Delaney, to fashion a label that is tribute-worthy of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain trio, called Three Sisters, is located near the beautiful village of Canmore, a favourite hangout of ours. We really couldn’t be more pleased with the image, and Jennifer is such a pleasure to work with; it’s incredible to witness her creative talent.

We hope you like our Klei Matte Pomade.

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