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Simpson's T2 Synthetic Shaving Brush

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Scotsman Alexander Simpson started production of shaving brushes and male grooming ancillaries in 1919 and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Manufacturing was originally based in the East end of London but later in Clapham.
In 1941, following the loss of his factory during the World War II German Luftwaffe blitz, production was moved to the West Country at the famous Nimmer Mill.
Today Simpson shaving brushes and associated products are manufactured by Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Limited on the historic Isle of Man. They continue to be produced in the traditional way using hand tied knots by time served, skilled workers.
The Trafalgar is the latest offering from Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 shaving brushes. This superbly crafted & eye catching lathe turned handle is filled with our uniquely sourced Sovereign grade synthetic fibre.
Trafalgar T2 Approximate Specifications:
Overall brush height - 90mm
Handle height - 46mm
Knot loft - 44mm

Knot diameter - 24mm

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